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Ireland, Leinster, Dublin

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nie palę
piję okazyjnie
nie mam ale chcę mieć
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O mnie

hi,girls,I'm come from far east of China,I'v been in Dublin nearly 8 years,I've a reasonably good job here, I'm working in a logistic company as a warehouse operative,has a income of Eur50000 per annum,now, I have a dream, I want to raise a family and settle down here, but, first, girl,I'll have to find you :)
I would describe myself as a honest and sincere man,I'm sensitive and with a sense of justice,not interested to lead or control others,have the will to help others. life is not easy, the value of living a life is about living better in every step we making,I like work,music,enjoy a peaceful time to read books,newspapers,love movies and sports, like cooking. people around me will have a good time.I believe in fate and destiny,two people meet on the earth and fall in love each other, finally getting married, that's not a co-incident,that's the god's will to make it happen,but the condition is, we have to make our own effort.


ideally based in Dublin, a girl with a pretty face is most men commonly desired, but think this always gonna be less important compare to the other element like she is a girl with a kind-heart, of course, the power of a beauty no one can resist,lol, eating colour is our human nature, sorry, I'm not a exception, the proverb says:" Beauty is the eyes of the beholder", actually, you are pretty or not, oftenly, you can not judge by yourself, but someone who appreciate about you, what I'm saying is that inner beauty is the real beauty. she is intelligent, and we can communicate each other and exchange the mind base on a idea, make the perfect match, lol,have to say, the girls are to be foolish for love, they're really adorable. women are made of water, the another side is her tenderness, but, the thing is when temperature going down sharply, the water can be frozen into ice, so, I'll use my passion try to give her enough temperature, then, she'll always show her tenderness to me, water, pure, clean, genuinely transparent, but, living today's our society, the world is polluted, she just can't avoid to face out these things, so, I hope when I'm not with her, she is bravely strong enough. respect elders, love youngers are her goodness, she better be not so overweight or so skinny, cause these are another element of healthy sign, now, I'm short a chance, please give me a chance, give yourself a chance,come,come, come to my world, let's be together.

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love music,pingpang,read book,skating,movies,running,travel,and cooking.badmington,surfing internet and enjoy the night out.