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After several unsuccessful relationships, I came across Polish Hearts...

Thank you very much for allowing me to meet my love here, a man I have been searching for my whole life, the one I dreamed and fantasized about..... After two failed relationships, I am finally happy as the saying goes, third time's the charm. I hope we will always be together until the end of the world and one day longer. Once again, thank you very much to the people who created this website. Best regards, wiganka ps... I am encouraging all my single friends.... and I already know that some of them, just like me, have found happiness on Polish Hearts.

The marriage of Laura and Irek straight from Polish Hearts.

Laura and Irek moved to Great Britain around 2006. Like hundreds of thousands of other Poles, they went there to seek happiness, mainly financial, but also the ordinary kind of life happiness. For several years, it was difficult for them to find their place in a foreign country, slowly getting to know the culture and customs. In the meantime, the problem of loneliness arose, which was increasingly troubling them. In Poland, they had so many friends, family, and here it was just work - home, home - work. One day they decided to take matters into their own hands. Friends mentioned our portal to them, they decided to give it a try, although they were not convinced about online dating. The end of this dating story is in early 2009. Guess what happened next? We received an e-mail from Laura with photos (which she allowed us to put on the website - for which we thank her once again), which said: "Thanks to your portal, in just 5 months I am getting married!!!! thank you very much and congratulations to you all!!!!! thank you very much!!!!!!"

Love like from teenage years

I signed up for PH over a year ago. I have been a widow for 15 years and finally wanted to change my life, I have children and grandchildren, but I felt very lonely. I'll be honest, I didn't quite believe that I would meet the right partner here ... but a miracle happened, I met a man so wonderful, exceptional, that I have no words to express my happiness. Thanks to you, my life has gained meaning, thank you for the beautiful wishes, I read them and cried. Yes, I already know how to cry with happiness. I am in love like a teenager ... Thank you thank you, I wish you all THE BEST OF LUCK Maria

Grzegorz and his adventure with Polish Hearts.

Hello to your whole team :) I would like to sincerely thank you for introducing me to a fantastic woman. Your portal is really a great thing... and necessary for people who are lonely as well as those who would like to meet someone but don't have time for it in everyday life. For me personally, you are great :) Greetings to the whole team and once again, thank you very much. Grzegorz :)

Ms. Irka met her love in the USA on Polish Hearts.

Hello, For the past 10 years I have been lonely. I didn't expect what happened to me. I logged on to the Polishhearts portal and started my search, actually doing it reluctantly, out of boredom, not believing that I could really fall in love again. Heck! It didn't even cross my mind. I was writing to a nice gentleman, who is now my love. Now it's easy for me to believe in it, but if someone had told me that I could find love and revive through dating for the Polish community on the internet, I wouldn't believe it, I would probably even take it as a silly joke. However, it turned out differently for which I sincerely thank you and I remain a debtor for life!!!!!!!! Finding love on the internet is possible though, who would have thought... Warm greetings, Irka from Chicago.

I found the woman of my life here.

I have already found the woman of my life and I don't see the need for me to continue being on this profile. Please delete my profile from the dating portal Polish Hearts in the USA. And at the same time, thank you for helping me achieve what I intended. With respect, Zenon